Skuespiller: Regine Gude

You are Zoe!
You are fancy, girly monster who loves playing with your friends, ballet dancing, barrettes and your pet rock, Rocco. Of course you also have a soft spot for your dolly Mimi and red monsters that giggle. Although you’re orange, you prefer to wear a frilly pink tutu and sometimes turn green with jealously when other people get more attention than you— you love the limelight. You are so sparkly and effervescent that it’s difficult for you to sit still! You are a proud and rather tough little monster—you like to race your soapbox car around Sesame Street. You are on the smallish side of tiny, wanting to grow up too fast. You despite the training wheels on your bicycle. You are known for talking at very high speeds and gets so excited that your words cannot get out fast enough. The creative side of you like designing floating devices for your pet Rocco.

Rudrevyen 2019

Central station Bestill billett hit!